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Dave Marks has bravely/kindly sent scans of the correspondence from M.O.D. during the course of his application to be, and time as, an apprentice.

Daves Progress

Not to be outdone, Kevin Poile has put together this Acrobat file detailing his path to becoming an apprentice

Kevins Progress

Herewith the Holy Grail

Names etc. removed to protect the innocent. Any other examples gratefully accepted.

Deeds of Apprenticeship
Page 1

Deeds of Apprenticeship
Page 2

Deeds of Apprenticeship
Page 3

Deeds of Apprenticeship
Page 4

Progress Report
Year 2
Progress Report
Year 3
City & Guilds
General Course
City & Guilds
M.E.T. Pt. 1
City & Guilds
M.E.T. Pt. 1
City & Guilds
M.E.T. Pt. 11
City & Guilds
M.E.T. Pt. 111

The highlight of the year - Annual Prize Giving

These are all that are currently available and some were is poor condition but have cleaned up very well.
If you have any others, irrespective of their condition, please email so that their inclusion can be arranged.











Apprentice Journal (Commenced 1968)

The following are all HTML documents. They are taken from my Journal which has survived, for the most part in tact, its' residence in a number of lofts. I apologise in advance if any sections are missing and for any additional annotations, we were at the transition to metrication when these were handed out.
Each section represents a separate lecture or series of handouts, including drawings, and are no more than a few Mbytes each.
Most of the pages were in poor condition and all have been digitally tweaked to make them more readable, this, paradoxically, has resulted in some loss of line definition.The drawings that comprise the Odd Leg Calipers etc. were scanned and stitched together back to thier original letter format, they should be saved and re-sized to print in their entirity in A4 format.
I don't know the date these were first used, but some of the drawings date back to 1953.
Each entry gives an idea of the content, click on the text to download the document.
This is an ongoing project and is currently incomplete.
Lecture I.T.1
Workshop Safety
Lecture I.T.2
The Micrometer
Lecture I.T.3
The Vernier
Lecture I.T.4
Engineers Tools
Lecture I.T.5
Marking Out
Lecture I.T.6&8
Files, Drills & Chisels
Lecture I.T.9
Taps & Tapping
Lecture I.T.11
Fastening &
Locking devices
Lecture I.T.18
Cutting Speeds
Lecture I.T.20
Lubricants &
Lecture I.T.23
Milling Machines
 Lecture I.T.24
Milling Cutters
 Lecture I.T.27
Precision Grinding
 Lecture I.T.30
The Dividing
 Lecture I.T.34
Joining Metal Plate
 Lecture I.T.35
Rivets & Riveting
 Lecture I.T.35a
Riveting Tools &
Their Uses
 Year 1
Turning Exercises
 Milling Data Sheets
 Odd Leg Calipers
'C' Clamp

And you thought you had seen the last of them . . . .

`'O' level Science
(Building & E ngineering)
Paper 1Complete
'`'O' level Science
(Building & Engineering)
Paper 2 Incomplete

General Interest

Official Labs Promotional Brochure

This document is 34 scanned pages comprising a brochure promoting the services of AQD circa 1980. Sections include AQD At Work, Aircraft, Engines, Equipmant, Materials, General Services, Apprentices and a Historical Note. The pages are in order from front cover through to rear cover, so you could, if so inclined, print a 'page' at a time, front then back to get a true representation of the original.

Points of interest

Page 17 is Phil Baxter (1975 Intake)
Page 21 is Peter Dixon (1975 Intake)

Apprenticeship Brochure Circa 1972

This document will be of particular interest to those serving their apprenticeships between 1968 and 1972 as a number of then apprentices appear in it. The original was in colour but has been scanned in greyscale as some of the colours masked the text.

Points of Interest

Front Cover L to R 1968 Intake: Graham Newell, Karen Tremble, George Meager (Labs), Colin Gale,
Clive 'Chubby' Hester
Page 6 (as marked) Rear L to R 1969 Intake: Andy Barret, Steven Millmore, Tony Alford, Lesley Wilson,
Julian Mallet, Keith Hamilton.
Front L to R: Brian Smith (Instructor) , Mick Wells
Page 7 (as marked) 1968 Intake Mid Left: Dave Marks (Instructor), Greg Biggs
Mid Right: Ian Buckle, Martyn Cole ?, Ian McGillivray, Karen Tremble, Unknown (Labs)
Page 12 (as marked) Runners - at least one has to be Gerry Galvin, help required.
Rear Cover - Clive 'Chubby' Hester Bottom Centre,
Richard Dawson in Life Raft(Taken on the ground level water tank
adjacent to boundary wall near Kings Head).
Help required for others.

Dave Marks - Potted History

This is a document by Dave Marks, an ex-apprentice who turned to the dark side and became an instructer in the Apprentice section from the late 1960's. Dave has provided a lot of information used on this site.

AID - An Early History

This document was scanned and OCR'd from the typed original giving an interesting insight into the origins of AID
Author Unknown

The story of Harefield House

This is a 30 page HTML document compiled by L.D. Jarvis and K. Meekoms and documents the history of Harefield House from 1750 until 1982.

British Aeronautical Inspection Between 1936 and 1945

This is a 56 page HTML document which outlines the beginings of the expansion of A.I.D and its contribution through WW II.
The pages did not lend themselves to OCR or cleaning up as too much detail would have been lost, so have been scanned as pictures. The finished width is more than normal due to the layout of the publication and the need to keep the text legible.

Author K.J. Meekcoms

The A.I.D. Test House

This is a 48 page HTML document which outlines the history of and documents the facilities available in the Test House from the mid 1930's. It includes a number of photographs. The type quality and tabulated content of some pages did not lend itself to successful OCR.
The author(s) and date of the publication are not known.

Defence Quality Assurance Brochure Circa 1986

This document shows the way all aspects of the defence industry have been brought under a single umbrella organisation

Apprenticeship 'Scrap Book'

A collection of pictures and items of interest from the apprenticeship years. Originally intended for the 25th anniversary but covers all years, with some omissions.

Originally scanned to pdf file, but at 45 Mbytes this is too large, currently working on reducing the size, link to follow before 2012 reunion.