Recent Updates

Commenced December 2001 to keep track of updates so that visitors can go to the most recently added stuff - Click the link in the left hand column to go to the relevant section.

November/December 2014


After a number of years of neglect it was decided to change the hosting company and URL. Broken links have been fixed, emails now allow me to respond more quickly. Site opened up to anyone who was at the labs.

January 2006

Home Page

Cleaned a lot of the fluffy stuff off the page, added link to The Tubes, re-hashed the tables for greater clarity, added latest years links.


Complete rethink as the page was getting far too big, made links to other relevant pages, the whole setup is now more flexible and easier to update. Many more pictures added, added page for Instructors.

May 2005


Added a number of new journal pages including lectures on metal fixing and some drawings of items made during the apprenticeship.
Added a couple of 'O' level papers, one incomplete unfortunately.
Added 'British Aeronautical Inspection between 1936 & 1945' in similar format to other brochures available.
Made a number of other minor updates and fixed a few links.

April 2005


Added points of interest to preamble of Brochures - See photo's as well.
Added 'Daves Progress' , letters from M.O.D. regarding the aprenticeship.


Another picture added and thumbnails introduced, more of these pics please.


Some more pictures added.


A couple of additions to the Archive and some cut from the Brochures.

2004 Reunion

Finally got around to putting this page up, not much there however.

December 2004

Checked site for broken links, fixed a few. Modified the Maps page to be a smaller upload with a large map option.

November 2004

Home Page


Posted proposed date of next Annual get together along with details of new venue.
Updated 'Lost Boys' list.
Updated page with new detail map, suitably annotated and added link to a new page with printable version of the detail map.


October 2003

2003 Formal

Home Page

Photographs of the Formal Reunion celebrating 50 years of the first apprentice intake.
Posted proposed date of next years Annual get together


July 2003




Photographs 1956 - 1961, Photographs from 1953 Intake,
Photograph at 1978 Prize Giving, Lab staff photo circa 1970.
Number of new document scans including Prize Giving Pamphlets,
examples of Progress Reports and Qualification Certificates.
Initiation ceremony at Hostel


May 2003


Added new Page:
2003 Reunion


April 2003


Added new documents:
The A.I.D. Test House
DQA Brochure Circa 1986


November 2002



Split archive into Photo's and Documents
Added new documents:
AID - An Early History
The History of Harefield House
Apprenticeship Brochure Circa 1972


June 2002


First of 2002 Photo's posted


May 2002

Map Page

Missing/Broken link to pub map replaced with new Map page.

Roll Call



April 2002


Re-scanned slides (Thanks to Don Thomson), added without size reduction.
Added all slides except 4 to Labs Photo's and '63 Open day.
Started Journal scanning towards end of page.

Roll Call

Now pretty much up to date.


March 2002

Crew Room

A couple of replies on the whereabouts/History of the Traction Engine.
Replies re: some of the queries on the AQD publication.
New content from 1963 Labs open day.


Got rid of 'Day in the Life', merged content with Archive, added more pictures and changed the general layout of the page. More content to be put on in the near future - still more needed.


December 2001

1970 Intake

Photos of reunion November 2001 & other older pic's.

Crew Room

Where did I put that Traction Engine.