Photographic Archive

 AID/AQD Laboratories

Archive of photograps of the AID/AQD Labs throughout their history from a variety of sources including an aerial photograph, some pictures of the closure in 1983, a large photgraph of the staff around 1970 and a collection of photgraphs of the labs 'at work'.

 AID Open Day Circa 1963

An open day held on the site, thought to be around 1963. Pictures include Blue Steel and a number os stands displaying the work carried out within the labs.

 Apprentice Open Days

Photographs of Apprentice Centre open days and prize givings spanning 3 decades.

 Apprentice Instructors

A collection of photographs of instructors who worked in the Apprentice Section. Most have been taken from the existing year photographs.

 Apprentice Projects

A collection of photographs of projects carried out by the apprentice section, including that steam engine.

 The Hostel

Photographs of the Apprentice Hostel, Halings Lane, Denham. Numerous views spanning many years.


The various modes of transport used by apprentices over the years.

 General Interest

A collection of photographs that don't fit into any specific catagory.

Slightly outside the remit of this page, but pretty damned close, is the news that there is a film of the apprentice section held with the RAF Museum, the text below has been copied from an email and should be self explanatory. The next targets are the films of the Model Traction Engine and Model Plane.

Yes, we do retain a film featuring the AID apprentice scheme during the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. The reel in question is a 16mm B/W sound print entitled “Ministry of Aviation – Apprentice Training Scheme, Harefield, Middlesex”. This is a professional and comprehensive production covering all aspects of the apprentice scheme plus its application to the UK aircraft industry. You are most welcome to come in and view the film but we will need to check the copyright situation before allowing any sections of it to be incorporated in your website.
Please contact me if you would like to arrange a viewing appointment.
Many thanks for your interest.
Yours sincerely,

Ian Thirsk

Curator of Film

Royal Air Force Museum London

T: 020 8358 4830

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